Thursday, October 21, 2010


No, not macaroons. Macarons- the deliciously adorable cookies. You see them in decora items and lolita prints all the time, but a lot of people have never gotten to try them, and have no idea what they are, other than cute. And of course, there is the mix-up with those gross coconut cookies.
A macaron is a crispy cookie made with almond flour and sandwiched around a filling of some sort. You can make them in all sorts of different colours and flavours. My favorites are chocolate, strawberry, and coffee, but I've also seen pistachio, blueberry, and mint chocolate.
In the middle there you can see my first attempt at making macarons. They do take a bit of practice and patience to make right, but it pays off in the end!


  1. Fffff-- I've never tried one of those.
    I-- I think I might have to go out and find a place that sells them~
    Also, those tuxedo strawberries are adorable. D8

  2. They're so difficult to make, especially to get a nice round shape. Very delicious though.

  3. You did well! I've always wanted to try macarons.

  4. Those look cute and delicious!! :D

  5. @ Coriander - There are a lot of sellers on etsy. I'm actually thinking on jumping on that bandwagon.

    @ Radioactive - I've finally gotten the hang of it after making tons - over 9000! They're a specialty where I interned.

    @Soviet - You should! They're super yummy.

    @Kate - Thanks!