Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So I'm getting all geared up for Halloween- been working on a Velma costume for myself and a Daphne costume for my sister to wear to my friend's party this Friday.
I'm super happy to be sewing again- I haven't gotten to make anything since July. Regretfully I'm working on a tiny budget and a short time restraint. I'm using  that really annoying cheap crush velveteen stuff since it's the only fabric that had the right colors for under $10 a yard. Not too hung up on it though, since it's just for a Halloween party.

I also need to come up with something to wear for another Halloween party, which should be fairly easy. I'm working in a Halloween shop right now, so I just have to make a choice. I'm thinking a super heroine, but I'm open for just about anything. Anyone have suggestions?